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California Spring 2018

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Hiya guys, I spent some time down in Costa Rica last month that I'll be making a blog post about pretty soon here. I was blessed to share time and space with an amazing soul that goes by "Kaia Cloudsurfer" who makes travel YouTube videos which you can check out here.

After a few beautiful weeks in Central America I made the decision to fly back home to the United States in order to focus on this artist path as well as creating a career that can sustain itself in the future... Costa Rica is expensive! I discovered that it translates into "Rich coast"... for good reason!

I flew back into Los Angeles which was quite the reverse culture shock returning to not only America, but LA of all places.


After spending some time in between San Diego and Los Angeles I began to trek north to Sequoia National Forest where the trees and some solitude were beckoning.

Sequoia National Forest

Trail of 100 Giants

Springville heading into Sequoia National Forest

I am currently updating from Grass Valley, California. Hope to put up some more photos and share some more of my journeys soon here..

Sequoia National Forest near Camp Nelson, California

Sequoia National Forest near Camp Nelson, California


Photograph of myself from Stefan Poulos Photography

Thanks for joining on the adventure!

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