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New Moon in Leo (July 23-25rd, 2017)


Summer of 2017


Living in Denver these last few months have been quite the surreal experience. Although I haven't stayed here for longer than a month or two at a single time- traveling to California for a month and flying to New York City from Denver and Detroit thereafter for a couple weeks. The experience of growing a community that has been helping to nourish the steps necessary for what I envision with the next few years of my life. The people and challenges have been a growing experience and the mountains have been teachers of wisdom and perseverance.

It brings me much joy sensing I've only begun to scratch the surface!

It's been a wonderful experience working and collaborating with Grassroots California as well on some upcoming hats, apparel, and even newer woven blankets. (I"ll be posting some samples soon after the finalized version of our first hat design goes into production.)

Let's visually reflect on these past few months, shall we?

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