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Southern California Arrival

Serenity Gathering Music Festival (Joshua Tree National Park)

Arriving to California for my first time March 9th, the initial experience was quite rocky- confronted with an entirely new level of independence not knowing a singe soulas well as perseverance. Within the change a camera lens was sold in order to vend art at a music festival (Serenity Gathering) in Joshua Tree National Park. New connections were made as well as new experiences pursued.

Slowly but surely the path revealed itself to me, through the guidance of tiny synchronicities and numbers (1:11, 2:22, 12:34, 11:11) - an entirely new level of satisfaction, bliss, and internal confidence made itself shown. After selling art at a few local gatherings around San Diego and meeting new friends and connections, I followed a strong intuitive pull towards Big Sur, north of Los Angeles on Highway 1.

Charlotte Rose (San Diego based model)

Sunset Cliffs, Sand Diego

Joshua Tree National Park

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