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New Moon in Leo (August 16th) Michigan Night

An impulse solo drive towards Caseville, Michigan.

I find it difficult to stay above the chatter and general mental static of normal day to day world. It's hard to not get lost, and even harder to consciously stay vulnerable enough to allow the universe to bring gifts into your life! That being said, it's important to do things, just for you. Especially when you're feeling like you're burning the wick at both ends and about to go absolutely crazy!

It's moments like those that make these more beautiful I suppose. When you can finally get away, and be with yourself, all the love that you are and all the love you have to give! It's nice to get acquainted with it all. It's important to understand you're the most important person in your life!

I hope to aid the planet in seeing that, because that journey to self love is also my own :)

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