Lucas Zhao Photography


Winter Sun Transformations

"Prophecy of the 5th Sun"

My parents helped me to fly home to Southeast Michigan for the holidays. It feels like a blessing at this point of my life to spend such a special time with my family which is rooted in Michigan.

As I am learning to live and make a living by myself on the road and it is immeasurably revitalizing to spend this grace period of my transformation with the friends and family I grew up with, as well as grounding my soul, life, and recent experiences.

Here I'll be posting some photographs and designs from the last month and a half on the road. I will be flying back out to Salt Lake City (current jeep location) January 2nd in order to continue the journey of vending and transforming my spiritual path into a sustainable career. Arizona, California, Oregon, and Washington are planned for the next few months!

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