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Taos, New Mexico 11/27-30th

Following an intuitive pulling towards Taos, a small town in northern New Mexico. It is known for its Adobe styled houses as well as Pueblo Native American reservation of the Red Willow tribe, a peaceful group of people that have lived in the same land under this sacred mountain for thousands of years. They have an extensive background interacting with the English settlers as well as the Spanish. Because of this, they have a rich and diverse background in which they teach and share with those willing to make the journey.

Another calling was to the Temple of Hanuman, located in Taos. The place of worship is dedicated to Neem Karoli Baba- Maharaji. Famed guru of psychologist turned spiritual devotee Richard Alpert, better known as Ram Dass.  I did not get a single picture of the temple on my cameras, but meditated in the ashram every day I was in Taos. The energy of the temple is extremely sacred and beautifully reviving, captivating travelers from all over the continent.

Below are also images from a brief walk through Garden of the Gods during snowfall in Colorado Springs on my way to New Mexico.

Along with artist communes which are scattered across the desert landscape, Taos is also home to the EarthShip Community and academy. They specialize in building sustainable eco-friendly houses which minimize the levels of energy intake and reuse all waste until it is eventually used as fertilizer for the land surrounding the property.

More photographs in the future! I hope to volunteer at this community in time to come.

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