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November Transitions 16th-25th (Colorado)

Reindeer- Estes Park, Colorado

These previous three weeks in Colorado have felt like an absolute blessing. Having left Michigan on the 3rd of November in order to sell and create art on the road and incorporate a more minimalist lifestyle and approach to my way of life. I've been staying with random friends around the Denver area and will be heading to Taos, New Mexico tonight (Thanksgiving) feeling a strange pull towards a Temple of Hanuman for spiritual purposes.

The art community and family out here is like something I could have never imagined. There is a sense of home and welcoming to all artists and those whom express themselves that make the pilgrimage to the Colorado art scene, coming from all around. I can safely say I feel as if I have found a home here, and will be working extensively throughout the Denver area within the next few years of my life. However the Pacific Northwest and unseen lands presently call!

These are photographs and edits from the last few weeks. Enjoy! 

Lookout Mountain (Connectivity)

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